Our Staff

Agency is owned and operated by R. W. Riemenschneider (Bill), who is a member of the Independent Agents of America (IIAA).

Riemenschneider Insurance is licensed in PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA, NC and OH.

Krista Riemenchneider (Spillane)

Mother of three, dog lover & Owner at Riemenschneider Agency CPIA
Email – Krista9@riemenschneiderinsurance.com

Krista started in the insurance industry when she was 18 years old, doing small tasks for her Dad. After graduating from Temple University, with a degree in Organizational Leadership, she continued as 2nd generation owner, and specializes in commercial, personal and life insurance. Krista enjoys weekends at the beach with her family. When she isn’t busy at work, she cheers on her kids' sports teams.

June Riemenschneider

Mother, grandmother, gardener, traveler, volunteer & CSR

June started at the Riemenschneider agency 9 years ago and works part time as a CSR. She enjoys spending time with her family and loves to watch her grandson’s play football. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and planting colorful flowers around her house. June enjoys traveling with friends, and is very active in the community.

Nikki Garvin
Pet lover, Personal Lines agent CPIA

Flyers fan, animal lover, country girl & personal lines agent at Riemenschneider Agency

Nikki began her insurance journey back in 2010 and has been with the agency ever since. She is a huge Flyers fan as she grew up in a hockey rink. She is also a lover of all animals. She has 4 cats, a pig, turtle, and cares for all the outside wildlife animals too. Recently she became an aunt and loves to spend her extra time with her ‘chickie chick.’

Dominique Colletti

Mother of one child - Personal & Commercial lines agent CPIA
Email - Dcolletti@riemenschneiderinsurance.com

Dominique began her insurance journey in 2016. She loves spending time with her daughter, family and friends when she isn’t busy with work. In her free time she enjoys working out, hiking and taking trips to the beach. Dominique is currently studying to become a licensed Life Insurance agent!

Katie McNutt
CSR at Riemenschneider Insurance Agency
Email - bill@riemenschneiderinsurance.com

Mother of three children ; Juliana, Lillian, and Kenneth IV, loves to work, spend time with her family, and take vacations to the mountains and the beach!

Katie is the newest employee at the Riemenschneider Insurance Agency as of October 2017. She is currently taking classes and studying to become a licensed Personal and Commercial Insurance Agent. In her free time she loves spending time with her family and friends, and watching her children grow!